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A wolf as a guide, head always turned to the moon, flowers on the path ...

Nakei Boutique di Valentina Casella @ All Right Reserved 2022

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My story

Hi ! My name is Valentina, I am a Sicilian archaeologist and I am the designer and creator of Nakei Boutique, a place where I try to combine and give shape to different passions that give life to my existence .

My work allows me to always get in touch with the surrounding nature, and I do not set foot outside the house without my most trusted companions: a "Flower Diary", where I collect the treasures collected along my path from time to time, and the camera to immortalize its ephemeral beauty.

The passion for Nature has always characterized my life and who I am, ever since as a child I enthusiastically collected all kinds of leaves and flowers possible to jealously guard them among the pages of the books I loved most, or when I was walking by the sea with my mother after the strong storms to take home baskets full of shells still echoing from the storm.
Growing up this bond has become stronger and stronger, especially studying the history of Native Americans, and experiencing an unstoppable and visceral sense of belonging to their culture and their relationship of sacred respect and reverence for nature and animals.
The wolf that characterizes my brand, in fact, is my animal and guiding spirit, and will always find a way to peep into my creations ^ _ ^!

"The Earth and I were equally conceived," said Chief Joseph.

With the jewels I make I hope to be able to instill in the wearer the same emotions that pervaded my heart as a child, when after a rainy day I would put my nose out the window to savor the scent of wet earth, when the house by the sea it was always empty because my seat was sitting on the beach facing the sea imagining it telling me a different story every time for those colored stones and those shells that he had given me together with their salty scent and full of distant worlds to be explored, when in walks in the woods of my childhood I rejoiced at the sight of the moss still glistening with dew, and I caressed the wrinkled skin of the trees, imagining I heard their voices speak to me of a hidden and enchanted world.

Above all, each of my creations draws inspiration and origin from the ancient Victorian Florigraphy, which I was able to add the most recent studies and updates on the meanings of flowers.

The language of flowers, in fact, allows me to translate with them important emotions and messages, to the extent that each composition will correspond to a feeling to be conveyed, to a memory to bring to mind and to one's heart, to a thought to give to someone. dear to us and often unable to express in words what you really feel.

I therefore hope that every creation can refer to a memory, a perfume, a fragment of life that was thought to be lost forever, creating mini canvases of herbs and flowers to take with you to feel and re-establish that contact with the Earth and the Nature, so rare and precious in a world now aseptic and crazy, in which one is no longer used to listening to the creatures of the forest, walking barefoot on the grass, and listening to the millenary stories of the wind.

The love for the past could not fail to influence my life, it permeates every aspect starting from my profession, and from the style of the photographs I love to take, where from time to time I try to immerse my creations in small microworlds that refer to long gone times, furnished with books and antique objects that have been my family's apartments for generations, or that I have been able to collect personally over time during my beloved reconnaissance in flea markets around the world.

Another great passion of mine, that for reading and poetry, often allows me to accompany the creations with curiosities, anecdotes, and sonnets perhaps related to the flowers and plants that you have decided to take forever with you!

Oscar Wilde, on the other hand, said: "With freedom, flowers, books and the moon, who wouldn't be perfectly happy?"

At the same time I love to create personalized creations, which crystallize and preserve indelible memories and fragments of our life. So if you have small objects related to the past at home (yours or a loved one), with which you would like to create something special, feel free to contact me privately to evaluate their feasibility together!
In this way I have already been able to imagine and make my own the original scent of the flowers of an old bridal bouquet, or feel on my skin the ancestral and scorching heat of the red earth of Tanzania brought to me by my aunt's humanitarian travels.

I therefore hope that you too can recognize yourselves in the values and emotions that I try to incorporate from time to time into what I create, or that simply your passage from this page leaves you something positive!



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